Throw out that generic all-in-one remote control and turn to a leader in home audiovisual services. At BTZ Audio Video, we take a modern approach to incorporating all your home’s electronics into one seamless system. From hiding your surround-sound speakers’ cords to installing a complete home automation system, we’re your full-service audiovisual specialists in Grapevine, TX.

Updated Home Audio Visual Features

Don’t battle with cords or confusing setup instructions. Modern TVs, sound systems, gaming devices, and other smart home features can be challenging to install and professionally manage properly. Our team can help you update your home audiovisual systems to make your living room chair the best seat in Grapevine. Watch sports, play video games, and stream your favorite movies in your home theater. Don’t let a small TV, ugly wires, or outdated speakers keep you from a fully immersive entertainment experience when you can have an affordable upgrade to your entire system.

State-of-the-Art Game Rooms

Living rooms need to accommodate the needs of the whole family. Game rooms, on the other hand, take home theaters to the next level. Work with our expert game room design team in Grapevine to design a room to cater to every gaming situation. These rooms are extremely popular for home gaming stations or for next-level office break rooms. Consider including any of these ideas in your personalized gaming room:

  • Projector for large-screen gaming
  • Surround sound system
  • Comfortable chairs and versatile seating arrangements
  • Fine-tuned adjustable lighting

Unwind in style with the latest game design features available by our experienced team. At BTZ Audio Video, we help you explore all the options available to you, listen to your ideas, and ensure you receive the exact game room of your dreams to wow your guests and entertain your family.

Update Your Home Automation in Grapevine

Audiovisual services are about more than just entertainment. Home automation combines the convenience of the latest smart technologies with the safety of advanced security systems. Integrate your appliances, TVs, security system, and lighting with convenient touchscreens, voice-recognition software, and smartphone-controlled controls.

An automated home is a safe and convenient space tailored to suit your needs. Need to preheat the oven for pizza night? Did you forget to turn the thermostat down before leaving town? Want to work on your golf game from your home? Your entire home can be at your fingertips with our home automation services. Let go of all your home stress with convenient monitoring and security through automation technology.

Create a Safe, Efficient Commercial Space

Streamline your business technologies with the help of our commercial team. Business audio visual systems take your outdated conference room phone and fake security cameras and bring them into the 21st century. Prepare for crystal-clear video conferencing, outstanding break room entertainment systems, and comprehensive security systems, all with no wires to be seen. We don’t just replace your old phone and TVs, but take a holistic look at your systems and recommend updates to keep your business at the cutting edge of commercial technology.

Best Audio Video Company Near Grapevine

Contact us today at BTZ Audio Video to make your home the envy of Grapevine, Texas. Turn up your surround sound, sync your devices, and manage your wiring with our efficient and affordable services. Work with us today to update your home or commercial space and explore the latest automation and entertainment technology.