Irving Service Area

Step up your residential and commercial systems with dedicated support by BTZ Audio Video. Home audio visual systems keep you safe, improve your home office, and deliver the ultimate in entertainment. Explore our services in Irving to see how you can tailor our expertise to your home or office design. Create personalized solutions and enjoy affordable, modern products installed by highly trained professionals near you.

Residential Services in Irving, TX

Show off your high-tech home with these residential services. We offer turn-key design, installation, and troubleshooting services to help you maintain the best technology in Irving. Don’t see the service you are looking for? Work with our designers and technicians to find a personal solution for your home. We can take on any audio or video project you need to make the most of your home.

Audio-Video Support

Welcome your family and guests into a totally new environment. Our audio-video services tune your speakers, update your TV, and install new entertainment systems to help you get more out of your space. Work with us to determine the best living room setup, whole-home speaker system, or stadium-quality visuals in your dedicated game room.

Home Automation and Wiring

The latest in home automation is far from science fiction. Discover how we can connect your appliances, thermostat, speakers, security system, and more with the latest in home automation in Irving. Once you connect your items, use a convenient automation touchscreen to access all of your home systems.

All of these systems require home wiring solutions. At BTZ Audio Video, we have the experience necessary to connect any devices in your setup. We run the necessary wiring throughout your home to keep it neatly organized and hidden from sight.

Home Theater and Game Room Design

Invite the entire neighborhood over on game day or to screen your favorite film. Home theaters are surprisingly affordable and offer one-of-a-kind experiences. Catch up on your favorite TV show with movie theater-quality surround sound and high definition TV, or enjoy a family-friendly movie night without leaving your home. We offer home theater solutions that cover the initial design, audio and video selection, and complete setup to help you prepare for the ultimate in entertainment.

Golf Simulators

Looking for something unique to set your home apart in Irving? Practice your swing with golf simulation systems. This unique entertainment option is a trending way to stay on top of your game in any kind of weather. We assist you in selecting a dynamic simulator option and fully install it. All you have to do is grab a club.

Smart TV Installation

Smart TVs offer another type of in-depth entertainment solution. Don’t worry if you’re not a golf fan; we still have the systems you need to unwind after a long day. We connect your smart TV to your chosen speaker setup and help you navigate your new TV.

WiFi Services

Smart homes, smart TVs, and other audio-video systems require internet connections to function, so be sure your home is equipped with the latest WiFi solutions. We work with you to address any signal issues and connect all of your computer and smart home systems to a strong, stable signal.

Commercial Services in Irving

Commercial locations in Irving also deserve the latest in audio-video support, so turn to our team at BTZ Audio Video for your office, church, rental property, or other commercial location. We offer the same level of customer service with commercial-grade equipment to help you keep pace with your competition. Review our commercial services to see how you can upgrade your existing technology.

Audio System Installation

Enjoy professional sound systems that help you entertain or inform your customers and employees. Commercial speaker systems need to transmit crystal-clear audio around a large building, so you need a professional team to install high-quality speakers that seamlessly blend into your property. Control your entire audio system to play music and deliver announcements to keep your company on the same page.

Comprehensive Conference Room Setup

Conference calls are an essential part of any office. Don’t let outdated technology hold you back, but work with our team in Irving, TX, to install speakers, microphones, cameras, and screens that streamline your video calls and project a professional appearance. This setup also requires a steady WiFi signal and a fast internet connection. We’ll work with you to keep your commercial communication systems connected and ready for your next conference call.

Safety Solutions

At BTZ Audio Video, we want to keep your business safe. Security cameras need clear video imaging to monitor your property and decrease the risk of theft. Connect your monitoring system to 24/7 alarms or to your personal device to streamline the monitoring process. It’s just another way we offer dynamic solutions to your audio and visual needs.

Update Your Audio Visual Setup in Irving With BTZ Audio Video

Don’t settle for anything but the best in residential or commercial audio-video systems. Contact us today to get started on your surround sound, WiFi, or commercial security project in Irving. Find out why we’re a leader in your area in terms of convenient installation, excellent customer service, and reliable designs.