Home Audio Solutions by BTZ Audio Video, LLC

Home Audio Video Installers in Dallas

Entertainment is a key feature of any home, and the right solutions can take the most basic components and make them even more spectacular. The home audio installation services that we offer here at BTZ Audio Video, LLC enhance the enjoyment of your favorite music or movie. Our unique system designs let you get just the setup you want for your personal interests.

Multi-Room Sound Control & Surround Sound Installation

You no longer have to localize your music to one room at a time. With a multi-room sound control system, you can access music in any part of your house with the press of a button. You’ll have controls on your tablet, phone, or in each room that allow you to adjust the volume, and each area can play different audio at any given time.

Your kids can be listening to their favorite artists in their bedrooms, while you’ve got yours on in the kitchen as you cook dinner. Having a distributed audio system in your home balances audio that you can hear from every corner.

Smart TV Installation in Dallas, TX

Smart TVs and streaming devices are all the rage these days, and they’re necessary if you want access to services like Netflix or Hulu. Between account setups and device connections, it can be a complex system to put together. Whether you’ve got a TiVo, Roku, Apple TV, or another device, we can configure all your settings so that you’ll be ready with remote in hand.

Home Theater Designers in Dallas, TX

If you’re a habitual movie night fanatic, then home theater installation in your house is a must. Choose from a dynamic big screen television or a larger-than-life projector and screen, and we’ll get all the behind-the-scenes hardware set and ready to go.

You don’t want to look at all the cables and devices that make your theater screen work. We can help devise solutions to give you the streamlined system you always wanted.

Get Superior Audio with BTZ Audio Video, LLC

The most impressive home theater system is not complete without superior audio to back it up. We can get you the best surround sound installation Dallas homes are capable of. We set up speakers, A/V receivers, and amplifiers. Your system can deliver crisp, clear audio that makes you feel as though you’re at the theater. All you’ll need is some popcorn and an ice-cold drink.

For all of your audio visual needs in Dallas Fort Worth, TX, take advantage of BTZ Audio Video, LLC’s comprehensive home services. Enjoy your music in fantastic audio, and make your movie nights even more incredible. Contact us today to get started on your whole new system.