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Home Audio and Visual Services in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

When you’re searching for experts in home audio and visual, Dallas/Fort Worth has just one name you should know: BTZ Audio/Video. We’re proud to be one of the top-rated audio/video installation providers in Texas, combining our extensive expertise and premier home and business solutions to raise the industry standard time and time again. Unlike many other audio and video installers in Dallas and Fort Worth areas, BTZ Audio/Video doesn’t make customers choose between quality service and competitive prices: we deliver top-tier products and services at the best prices in the business.

Our highly-trained team is prepared to assist you in the design, installation, and calibration of a wide variety of audio and video systems. Our home and business installation services in DFW include home automation, TV installation (including smart TVs), home theater design and installation, and surround sound system installation. Whether you’re interested in audio/video solutions for work or home, BTZ Audio/Video has the knowledge and skillset to enhance your space with the latest advanced technology.

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Home Automation Solutions

Business and home automation is the latest in cutting-edge technology, allowing you to streamline your space and maximize efficiency, functionality, and comfort. Smart homes are changing the way we live our lives, making it possible to do your housework for you in a completely new way. From home security and entertainment to whole-home lighting and climate control, it’s never been easy to create your ideal home.

Dallas smart homes are becoming more popular than ever before, especially as more and more people discover the way that smart technology can enrich their lives and make their everyday routines easier and more enjoyable.

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Prewiring Solutions in Dallas, TX

Pre-wiring is a must these days when you are building. There are so many options in home automation and home theater; we will get you ready for any level of fun you desire in your dream home. We use top grade wiring that ties in with our 1-year warranty, and record and label everything for you and your builder

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TV Installation and Smart TVs

Today’s televisions offer crystal clear picture quality, an exciting array of streaming apps, and plenty of tech-savvy features – but getting everything set up can sometimes be a challenge. Instead of dealing with the frustration of installing your new tv, trust the job to the top smart TV installers Dallas has to offer: BTZ Audio/Video. Not only will we ensure that everything is hooked up correctly, but we’ll also help you connect all your streaming content and devices for the ultimate in convenience. When it comes to TV installers, DFW locals have spoken – BTZ Audio/Video gets the job done right.

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Home Theater Design & Installation

Ready to create the home theater you’ve always dreamed of? BTZ Audio/Video provides expert home theater installation in Dallas and Fort Worth areas, working closely with our customers to design customized solutions that exceed every expectation. We’ll work with you to select the ideal devices for your space, properly install every component, and make sure that every last detail falls into place. Whether you’re interested in a big-screen HDTV that gives you the front row experience or a projector that transforms your space into the perfect place to see the latest box office hit, BTZ Audio/Video can help.

If you’re a habitual movie night fanatic, then home theater installation in your house is a must. Choose from a dynamic big-screen television or a larger-than-life projector and screen, and we’ll get all the behind-the-scenes hardware set and ready to go. You don’t want to look at all the cables and devices that make your theater screen work. We can help devise solutions to give you the streamlined system you always wanted.

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Wifi & Home Networks

Streaming your go-to playlist, watching the latest on-demand television, playing a brand-new video game, and even scrolling your social media feeds – they all require a functional home network. Without the right home network setup and WiFi, you’ll be left in the dark when it comes to your favorite devices and technology. We install and set up lightning-fast, reliable home networks that will always keep you up to speed.

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Commercial Solutions Designed to Propel Your Business Forward

A proper commercial audio/video system with the right design will allow you better and more user-friendly control. Systems should match the business need, which is why a box system isn’t always helpful. A gym, sports bar, corporate meeting room, and church will each have unique needs. Our customers love that a click of a button can initiate multiple interactions between different components of their AV system, connect laptops, equipment, customers, and more. Our team of design and installation experts in Dallas are trained extensively on the proper design, installation, and integration of a vast array of AV products and product lines. At BTZ Audio Video, we are your one-stop-shop that can exceed your needs from start to finish.

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