Bring Your Business into the 21st Century with Commercial Audio/Video Systems

BTZ Audio Video has a team of experts skilled in incorporating the art of audio/video products and services into a wide array of business needs to bring your company into the 21st century. At BTZ Audio Video, we pride ourselves on creating custom solutions at affordable rates to help you spend less time hassling with technology issues and create a dynamic, interactive company atmosphere. When done well, our solutions can improve efficiency, help you scale, and create a positive customer experience.

What are Commercial Audio Systems?

A commercial audio system varies from a home audio system in that its speakers don’t all connect back to a receiver. In a commercial audio system, a sound source connects to an amplifier, which then travels through input on a volume control to a speaker, which can then connect to another speaker, and so forth. Utilizing this method simplifies the connections, saves vast amounts of wiring, eliminates the need for multiple amplifiers and receivers, and allows greater control and scalability. The right high voltage commercial amplifier will save you money, allow you room to grow, and eliminate loads of unsightly, thick speaker wire.

Propel Your Business with the Right Technology

To really take your business to the 21st century, there are many audio video solutions to launch you to the next level. Digital signage draws the eye of clients and provides stimulating and compelling messaging. Presentation technology can include projection systems and telecommunications as components of your audio/video system. You can even automate with the push of a button that prepares the room by lowering the window blinds, dimming the overhead lights, and lowering the projection screen. Audio/video conferencing can be done with high sound quality, and your whole system can be internet-based.

Get the Custom Audio Solutions Your Business Needs

A proper commercial audio/video system with the right design, will allow you better and more user-friendly control. Systems should match the business need, which is why a box system isn’t always helpful. A gym, sports bar, corporate meeting room, and church will each have unique needs.

Our customers love that a click of a button can initiate multiple interactions between different components of their AV system, connect laptops, equipment, customers, and more. Our team of design and installation experts in Dallas are trained extensively on the proper design, installation, and integration of a vast array of AV products and product lines. At BTZ Audio Video, we are your one-stop-shop that can exceed your audio and visual needs from start to finish. Contact us at (972) 234-9292 for a free consultation today!

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