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Ready to create the home theater you’ve always dreamed of? If you’re a habitual movie night fanatic, then home theater installation in your house is a must. Choose from a dynamic big screen television or a larger-than-life projector and screen, and we’ll get all the behind-the-scenes hardware set and ready to go. You don’t want to look at all the cables and devices that make your theater screen work. We can help devise solutions to give you the streamlined system you always wanted.


Everybody loves the one-of-a-kind entertainment experience of going to a showing at your favorite movie theater, where the larger-than-life screen and premium audio system completely immerses you in what’s happening onscreen.

But what if you could bring that experience directly into your own home? With a custom-designed home theater, you can.

What is a Home Theater?

A home theater is any combination of audio and video components, including elements such as surround sound and a video screen, that are designed to recreate a movie theater-quality entertainment experience.

While many homeowners choose to dedicate an entire room to their home theater, others decide to create a home theater setup in their main family room or even in an outdoor space.

One of the best parts of home theaters is that no two designs have to look alike – no matter what your perfect entertainment space may be, you can bring your vision to life with a custom design and installation.

The Home Theater Experience

Up until a decade or so ago, home theaters were thought to be an expensive luxury reserved only for the ultra-wealthy. But now, thanks to advancements in entertainment technology, a home theater is within reach for many everyday homeowners.

Because custom home theater design allows you to create a setup that suits your preferences, you can create a home theater that exceeds your entertainment expectations while still sticking to a budget.

Whether your ideal form of entertainment is binge-watching your favorite steaming series, catching the big game, or enjoying a blockbuster film, a home theater will take your experience to the next level of fun.

Why Professional Installation is a Must for Your Home Theater

While it might be tempting to try to take a DIY approach to building a home theater, working with professionals is a much better option.

Not only will a professional audio video company have access to the very best devices and brands, but they’ll also know how to properly combine elements to deliver optimal results.

Plus, a professional installer will be prepared to safely disguise unsightly cords, properly pair all the theater components, and set up devices so they are ready for you to use.

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Home Theater Design and Installation in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

BTZ Audio Video provides full-service home theater installation and design services for homeowners in the communities of Dallas-Fort Worth, making it easy to create an epic entertainment space for you and your family to enjoy.

Our expert team come directly to you, allowing us to assess your space and make the best recommendations to suit your home, preferences, budget, and more.

Because we customize every design and installation to perfectly fit each client’s needs, BTZ Audio Video is able to make a high-quality home theater accessible and affordable on just about any budget.

If you’re unsure exactly what kind of home theater will work for you – but simply know that you want to make the most of at-home entertainment – BTZ Audio Video is here to help.

Not only will we work closely with you to choose the right devices and system for your home, but our team will also install every component and set up every element to your specifications.

We’ll make sure that all your devices, audio elements, and streaming services are in perfect harmony, so that all you’ll have to do is settle in for movie night or the next game day.

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