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It doesn’t matter if you’ve invested in a top-of-the-line television with all the best features – without a quality sound system, your entertainment experience will still fall short. BTZ Audio/Video makes it easy to upgrade your system with our surround sound installation services in Dallas and Fort Worth.

What Kind of Sound is For You?

One of the most important questions you may have, when shopping for a stereo system or looking for surround sound installation services is determining what type of listener you are. Passive listeners like to have music on while they are reading or doing housework. The volume is generally low and they like to have the music come from everywhere. Active listeners will generally sit down and do nothing else but listen to the music. They try to understand the musician’s motivation and will turn the volume higher towards live levels. Music lovers are those who would drive hours, if they had to, to hear a favorite artist and really appreciate the devotion of the musicians and composers. The music lovers are similar to active listeners, but are emotionally moved by the words and music.

Get Superior Audio with BTZ Audio Video, LLC

The most impressive home is not complete without superior audio to back it up. We can get you the best surround sound installation Dallas homes are capable of. We set up speakers, A/V receivers, and amplifiers. Your system can deliver crisp, clear audio that makes you feel as though you’re at the theater. All you’ll need is some popcorn and an ice-cold drink.

For all of your audio visual needs in Dallas Fort Worth, TX, take advantage of BTZ Audio Video, LLC’s comprehensive home services. Enjoy your music in fantastic audio, and make your movie nights even more incredible. Contact us today to get started on your whole new system.

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“There’s a reason why his company comes out consistently at the top of the pile. The company owner, Myles Foreman, is first rate. I’ll be honest: I’m cheap (negative connotation intended). I invariably try to do things for the lowest possible price – and I know at times that’s not a good thing. Myles is willing to (respectfully) point out where my being cheap compromises the quality of the solution sought. That is NOT a bad thing; I certainly need and deserve that. That level of dedication speaks to the quality of his installation. Did I mention that his work completely solved my problem? Yup, that too. :)”

– Monty B. in Euless, TX